The Hairdressers tool of the new millennium
Dare Chisel Hair Sculpter

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The Dare Chisel is innovative, sculpting, contemporary, lightweight, fluidly mobile, able to reduce muscle fatigue, infinite in creative possibilities.

The Tool for the New Millennium

The DARE CHISEL is an innovative modification of an ancient tool designed for sculpture and applied to contemporary international hairdressing technique. The DARE CHISEL is designed as an extension of the human form. Its light weight is distributed to create a perfect balance having the dual advantages of fluid mobility and the reduction of muscle fatigue associated with long term scissor use.

The DARE CHISEL offers a new sense of excitement along with infinite creative possibilities to the enterprising hair designers of the new millennium. The DARE CHISEL is destined to become one of the 5 essential tools in every creative hair designer's kit alongside; the straight edged scissors, thinning shears, the razor and the electric clipper. Three training videos are available on this website. These training videos feature Paul Dare as he describes each step of the process for cutting Short, Medium and Long hair styles.

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The Evolution of the Dare Chisel

Since the beginning of time mankind has created tools to make living easier. Constant innovation, modification and specialisation have made these human extensions we call tools available for every task in our modern world. Creative artisans have always developed or modified existing tools to suit a particular purpose- “necessity being the mother of invention” has made some of our most useful tools a reality.

Hairdressing history is filled with innovations, 'borrowed' or 'improved', to suit the modern hair designer’s repertoire of styles. The ice tempered steel scissors owe their beginnings to ancient Japanese sword making techniques. Titanium or ceramic blades and sophisticated alloys developed during the space race are considered the norm now. No obstacle has lasted long in the face of human inventiveness.

Many of the greatest inventions have started with a simple idea and the passion and persistence to develop them into user friendly devices-this is the case with DARE CHISEL. As new techniques developed to create the texture and movement that popularise current hair design internationally, Paul Dare of DARE HAIR saw the need for a new hairdressing tool that allowed the designer more sculptural freedom.

The idea for this revolutionary new design began in 1993 when Paul began experimenting with a variety of industrial blades in an attempt to find an alternative to conventional hair cutting tools. Paul found the wood chisel to be a most effective and versatile cutting implement, however, it proved to have its limitations.

Training - How To Use The Dare Chisel

Here we have 4 ‘how to’ hairstyling videos with Paul explaining step by step the process of each haircut. This will help you master the dare chisel techniques. Paul is contactable via for extra education or questions regarding the chisel. Like our Facebook page Dare Chisel to keep updated on any seminars we will hold internationally or nationally.

With purchases of the Dare Chisel in Adelaide South Australia, education can be arranged by emailing the above address.

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Introduction to Basic Techniques

How-to Video #1 - SHORT HAIR

Learn how to use the Dare Chisel for innovative textured short hair styles with a choppy texture and attitude clients will love as much as you.

How-to Video #2 - MEDIUM HAIR CUTS

Learn how to create hair styles for medium length hair, whilst reducing your own muscle fatigue as a professional hairdresser or cosmetologist (even helps with RSI).

How-to Video #3 - LONG HAIR CUTTING

Discover how-to use the Dare Chisel on long hair and update your scissor and razor cutting with a simple hair tool your clients will love due to the comfort and speed when working on long hair.

How-to Video #4 - Men’s HAIR CUTTING

The latest hair look from the Dare team for men’s styles. This choppy, textured hairstyle gives fullness even to fine or thinning hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Dare Chisel

Why a hair chisel?

The chisel offers more sculptural freedom to chop, slice and shatter than other hair cutting tools.

The hair chisel blade is 5 times thicker than a razor, resulting in greater texture. The chisel shape allows the stylist to chop through the hair rather than slice.

No, the chisel is a unique tool offering a different texture to the hair.


The chisel blade will last up to ten haircuts depending on hair texture.

Use of the Hair Chisel

Is the hair cut wet or dry?

Depending on the desired result, hair can be cut wet or dry. When using the chisel for the first time it is recommended to cut with the hair wet.

There are 3 how-to use training videos available on this website. These training videos feature Paul Dare as he describes each step of the process for cutting Short, Medium andLong hair styles.

Purchase Information

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