Why Evo?

As hairdressers we are constantly searching for the next best thing, the newest colour trend, the latest Mac lipstick, the current fad diet that will make us lose 5kg in 10mins, we work creatively and visually and in an ever-changing industry we want it now!

We expect a lot from our suppliers and products because we want to deliver the very best to our clients…. and our product range EVO pretty much had us at HELLO! It’s also our most popular range at present.

It delivers a No BS line of products, which do what they say they do. If you want curly hair you purchase liquid rollers or whip it good mousse. If you want your hair to feel like silk you purchase the great hydrator mask. If you want fat hair you use root canal volume spray. Each comes with a quirky blurb on there packaging that makes you chuckle in the shower….

We love Evo because we too have a no BS policy. We like to tell you the truth so you know what you are in for. If we feel your hair is beautiful and doesn’t need colouring, we will tell you that. If you want ‘wash and wear’ hair with minimal fuss and the style you have chosen will take you an hour to blowdry and hot roller we will tell you and guide you down another path.

We do test strands before chemical services when necessary. We will get you to come in for a consultation if we feel it’s a large job so both parties are aware of the outcome (most of the time it doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen). We explain ourselves to the best of our ability to make sure you understand your service, so we might not make you chuckle in the shower but hey at least were honest!!

Like us, Evo is SA great! A South Australian owned and manufactured company, that strives to deliver and make you feel fabulous!


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