Our Motto

Dare: Change is just a matter of seeing things differently.

We all get a little stale in life, whether it be in work or relationships… or with our hair.

Its hard to keep ourselves motivated and moving forward and it’s easy to give up. But sometimes we don’t need an elaborate change all we need to do is just see things differently.

For Dare, 2017 is going to be an exciting year. We sat down and asked ourselves what our motto means to us and why we want to work here….

The answer was simple; we love to work in an ever-changing industry. Trends come and go and then come back around. We are creative individuals and every day for us is different. New challenges, new rules to abide by and new rules to break. But giving our clients a new perspective on their hair and sometimes their life whether big or small is almost priceless for us. And it can be sooooo much fun.

We work for Dare because we knew of Paul’s dedication and fame within the industry and we share that same passion in one way or another. Majority of us have worked here for over 10 years and we are like family. Yes! Sometimes we get frustrated and want to throw colour tubes in each other’s faces, chuck a tanti and feel like quitting. But once we stop and smell the hairspray we realize that we have all the same underlying desires. In fact, most people do, we want to be happy, successful and have the ability to enjoy life.

Its crazy how we get so bogged down with the running’s and stress of everyday life. And we lose sight of the bigger picture very quickly but if we can change our thought process and are able to be open to see things differently maybe that will give us the change we need. We don’t need to pull a Brittney and shave our heads. Come in and see us for a trim, blow-dry and a coffee, or a toner and cheeky glass of bubbles so you can relax, check out of life and maybe, just see things a little differently.

Dare Hair

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